Friday, December 19, 2008

I've had time to process the loss

and I've come to the conclusion. Grizz wins are super better than Grizz losses and it's not even really close if we were able to keep score. By far, winning would out pace losing in scoring alone. However, winning would easily out rebound and out hustle losing. There is a reason that losing loses and it's not for lack of effort although that is a big part of it. If I had to say for sure why winning beats losing every day of the week then I would simply point to the scoreboard and say that there was the proof. Scoreboard. Winning wins by a lot. Why did the Grizz lose, though? I didn't see the game but I know that it was not because they didn't give it their all out there. Certainly they did or else they wouldn't be my Grizz. They would be another team. Another team that consistently did not do the things they needed to do to win games. And the Grizz just won something like all their games that weren't losses so I know they know how to win. The proof is in the numbers. So, the short answer is that I don't for sure know why they lost since I saw none of the game and didn't find out definitely they lost until yesterday morning, a full day or so after they lost. My hope however is that they don't lose anymore because, as I said earlier, winning beats losing every loving day of the week.

Monday, December 15, 2008


4!!!!!!!!!! I think back to when I doubted you, Grizz, and it literally breaks my heart. You are my air. Everything I want to be, you are becoming. Greatness in shorts! I nurtured you from the beginnning and it's all coming to fruition. I want to spank your little red backside but you're all grown up now. I want to hold you in my arms like a mama bear but you're too heavy for me to pick up. I want to pepper your belly with baby kisses but you'd say it was weird and maybe call the cops. Once you were wet behind the ears, but you're big bad Grizzly BEARS and your ears are dry like my wife's roast beef! the limits of your potential are matched only by the farthest stars in the sky. On this day, you mark my words with bold print and exclamation points. These GRIZZ do not hibernate in the winter! They don't need sleep. They need no alarm clock even if they DID sleep. They wake up to the sounds of string music in their dreams. Go, Mighty GRIZZ. Go make your daddy proud.

P.s.---I already am. I love you all.

Friday, December 12, 2008

WINNING STREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 in a ROW! It's craziness. My brother and me can't hardly believe it. Only 3 in a row? It should MUCH more. But the GRizz did it the right way. They did it with defense and scoring and hustle. Plus a good bit of old fashioned know-how mixed in with a little bit of elbow grease and perhaps a sprinkling of lady luck's lipstick. Or maybe it was eyeliner. Either way, they didn't need much. They certainly didn't need to go steady with lady luck. The team is much too strong to rely on nothing but luck. No, they really didn't need any luck with their mix of young talent and veteran savvy from players long since forgotten. But I remember how important Shane Battier and Eddie Jones were. They were the type of mentors that could lead a team to victory. Where's the veteran leadership going to come from on this team, though. Marc Gasol certainly looks tall but he's actually not that old. Hakim Warrick has a name from the old country, but he's actually not even 30. I remember how he played in college on that Orange Man team. I was crazy about Kansas that year! For my money, there's absolutely no better coach than Roy Williams, except for maybe Hubie Brooks. Now he had some veteran savvy. He's better on TV though than a lot of guys his age and younger. It's really all about the effort and these Grizz all get straight A's in that category. WEll done, guys. You deserve a break for your hard work, but your work's not finished yet by a long shot. Go beat TEAMS!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Weekend to US!

Did you guys see the news? The GRIZZ are BACK!!! They won big time last night against a TOUGH Clipper team. I don't know what that coach of theirs(I can't remember his name, but it's something foreign...GO IMMIGRANTS) did to get them back on track, but it obviously paid off in a big, big way. I bet that it was all part of the plan. The losing, I mean. The GRIzz were just lulling the league into a trap. A GRIZZLY bear trap! Don't sleep on this team, though, or you'll learn a lesson. You'll learn a lesson that you had best remember forever and ever. The lesson, as always, is when you assume something and become all arrogant and cocky about it, then there is a good chance that you will be proven wrong in certain circumstances that present themselves in said situations. Besides, if I were going to sleep on the Grizzlies, then I'd roll over on Gasol. He's so big and hairy that it really would be like sleeping with a GRizzly bear. Except this Grizz bear wouldn't eat you out; he'd be more likely to put his big ole Grizzly bear arms around you to protect you from the cold, cold night. And mornings are cold, TOO! Have you ever noticed that, friends? If I had to pick the coldest part of the day, then I'd have to watch the thermometer all day to know for sure. But if I had to guess, then I'd guess the part when it was the darkest. And that's right before the sun comes up in the morning. And that's when I'd most want to be sleeping with Marc Gasol!

Go GRIZZ! GReat win last night!!!!!!! We want MORE!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's too hard right now

I couldn't enjoy Turkey Day, the most special of all the bird holidays. I can't sleep anymore. I can't eat. But I've gained 15 pounds since last time I weighed which doesn't seem that long ago but I can't even remember what it was the last time. My weight, I mean. I can't even work up the gumption to care about insurance. It's the Grizzlies, friends. They're literally choking the life out of me. How much longer can we go on like this? An undefeated season is so far out of reach now that I can hardly remember when it seemed like such a certainty. And that was only 3 weeks ago. Changes have to be made. It's just too much to take right now. Something has to give. That's why I think that some players have to be moved for different players from other teams. It hurts my heart to see any Grizz players from this team go, but at the same time, it hurts my eyes to watch them. Which I don't because I can't get any of their games on the ol' boob tube. So, you know...paradox. Which is how I feel right now. I am a paradox of love for my team.